Why is it important for me to sign with my kupuna or as a sympathizer or supporter?

The act of signing is an act of solidarity and an acknowledgment of ancestral call.  There is no requirement to sign.  What often happens is that signing with your kupuna is seen as a political action, just as signing the petition was in 1897.  Those who signed back then took an action for which there were consequences and/or backlash.  It was not the safest thing to do.  But almost everyone at the time thought it was the right thing to do because they loved their country and their Queen.  The political future of Hawaiʻi is uncertain today, and various entities promote ideas and plans for the future that are out-of-synch with historical truth.  But for those of us who encourage solidarity, past and present, signing The Kūʻē Petition reflects a desire to acknowledge past struggles and present realities.  Those who take risks, as our ancestors did, do so out of love and respect for our country and our Queen.