How will my signature be used?

At some future time, the Maui Hui will want to present these signatures to the U.S government in the same way that the original signatures were presented to the Senate in 1897.  It is unclear at this time when or if that will happen or what the intended outcome is to be.                                                                      


Revised Adendum 10-11-2016: Answer: How Will My Signature Be Used?


Thank to all who alerted us about a rumor circulating that Kūʻē Petition Continues (KPC) will be giving the names of signers to support Federal Recognition.


The answer is: ‘aʻole (no)


No names will be sent to support Federal Recognition.


The mission of this petition is to “. . . earnestly protest against the annexation of the said  Hawaiian Islands to the said United States of American in any shape or form.”

- Clare Apana  
ALAKAʻI / Organizer 
Kūʻē Petition Continues