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To view the livestream broadcast of He Nāwahī Ho‘i Ko Hawai‘i. . . CLICK HERE.

(He Nāwahī Ho‘i Ko Hawai‘i - below): Today we gathered at Kaumakapili Church in Kalihi/Pālama to honor and celebrate Joseph Nāwahī. Tomorrow is his birthday. He and his family lived, while on O‘ahu, behind the church on property he leased from the Queen. Ron Jr Williams gave an excellent presentation about Nāwahī's life and work, his loyalty to country, and his love and respect for the Queen. Those who watched the livestream of his talk today will likely want to watch it again, it was so dense with information. Mahalo, Ron! Compelling stuff! Just past noon we walked outside to the area where his house, stable, and other buildings once stood and created a little space to honor him with flowers, greenery, and lei. It was beautiful. And raining. But happy-making, nonetheless. We celebrated him at lunch, too. Great to have our friends visiting from Connecticut join us! Tomorrow, Jan. 13, is Nāwahī's birthday. If you remember, make a toast to honor him on his 178th birthday. ~Lynette Cruz