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Excellent presentation at the Kanaʻina Building last night by Dean Saranillio! I might be imagining it but seems to me that the more recent talks I've attended are really examinations of how white supremacy was planned and implemented over generations everywhere in the world by white businessmen who pushed capitalism and the concept of ownership so they could make a fortune for themselves by promoting so-called democracy and practicing racial inequality as a kind of normal behavior. Aargh... That's what Dean talked about last night--economics based on capitalism and the strategies, unkind and self-serving on a humongous scale, that keep the ruling class in power and how that played out in Hawaii. The borning (birthing?) of imperialism. Glad there were so many young folks in the audience. Too many of us past 50 or 60 or 70. We know somebody has to pick it up and run with it. Certainly not us! Oh, and the refreshments were ʻono, too. Mahalo to Patrice Petrich for awesome bean soup and to all our kākoʻo, including Kauluwehiokalani Eli, our lei artiste, who show up regularly to set up and clean up. Fantastic team! Tis a kākou thang...
~Lynette Cruz

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