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Last night's talk at LCC Wai‘anae was da bomb. Mahalo to Hina Misi Piki and her kāko‘o, Hema and the awesome ladies of Mana Mahu. Mahalo to Healani Sonoda-Pale for sharing the event flyer to different mauna lists. Around 200 people jammed into our (relatively) small building. It was awesome! And we sang for the mauna, as ‘ohana. Mahalo to the LCC Wai‘anae staff, admin, and students for hosting this event. Kū ha‘aheo! ~ Lynette Cruz

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 intelligent, civic minded, loyal to their Queen and country these kūpuna were. Providing resource materials of the events in our Kingdom of the 1800's, the status of our nation today in the eyes of the world, why the Akaka Bill is known as the Apology Bill, and reading material for future education is just a small part of my kuleana. Sore feet, dry throat, no food it is nothing because I love doing this.
     I must express a Mahalo a nu nui loa to Lono Kollars and the members of HICSC for the amazing event.
     Hoping I can be there again next year.
     Me ke aloha pau‘ole, ~ Noeleen Caldiera

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Excellent presentation at the Kanaʻina Building last night by Dean Saranillio! I might be imagining it but seems to me that the more recent talks I've attended are really examinations of how white supremacy was planned and implemented over generations everywhere in the world by white businessmen who pushed capitalism and the concept of ownership so they could make a fortune for themselves by promoting so-called democracy and practicing racial inequality as a kind of normal behavior. Aargh... That's what Dean talked about last night--economics based on capitalism and the strategies, unkind and self-serving on a humongous scale, that keep the ruling class in power and how that played out in Hawaii. The borning (birthing?) of imperialism. Glad there were so many young folks in the audience. Too many of us past 50 or 60 or 70. We know somebody has to pick it up and run with it. Certainly not us! Oh, and the refreshments were ʻono, too. Mahalo to Patrice Petrich for awesome bean soup and to all our kākoʻo, including Kauluwehiokalani Eli, our lei artiste, who show up regularly to set up and clean up. Fantastic team! Tis a kākou thang...
~Lynette Cruz

To view the livestream broadcast of Acts of War (Part 1) . . . CLICK HERE.

Good fun with Martha H Noyes at LCC Waianae last night. Good thing I get to go back and look at the livestream, since I got lost early on. Nice crowd, ono grinds, good discussion afterward. They had to toss us out of the building, lol. We, obviously, should be doing these things more often. Mahalo, everybody. ~Lynette Cruz

out there that they should f_ck off. And we do. And it's so liberating! Anyhow, the dramatic offerings were awesome, the rap artists tremendously fun, and picture-taking was da bomb! And we had food, too. And an after the event debrief to see how we can make next year's event better. I think it's mandatory we do this stuff more often, but at least once a year. Maybe make more holidays for ourselves so we can celebrate the fact that we're still here and those f_ckers didn't kill us all off. Yes! Btw, lots of young people stepping up to the plate, these days. That is happy-making for all the white-haired and bald folks who are looking to retire. Finally. ~ Lynette Cruz
     And the more American, the more the push for money and power and the less awareness of the poor and suffering in our midst. No aloha because traded it in for cash. But the older we get, speaking for myself, of course, the more we want to tell the stupids out 
     We have a hundred or so folks to thank for yesterday's event at ‘Iolani Palace, way too many to mention individually, but they know who they are. Hui Aloha Aina o Ka Lei Maile Alii, along with HAA Honolulu Branch, Kue Petition Continues, La Hoihoi Ea, and Hui Kulike Kakou were all sponsors of this event. Drama as an educational tool is awesome! It works. There are very few times that kanaka can safely express their/our rage at what went down in our history. But drama does the trick because it becomes interactive and the audience, most of whom are aware of the lies that permeated the American school system and were taught to our parents and to us and our kids and grandkids, get to talk back, and yell back, at those playing the part of the greedy haole whose purpose was to get rich and take control of our ‘āina, our government, and our very lives. I was yelling, too! This is quite fun for us! The rest of the time we keep our mouths shut and try to stay under the radar just so we can live without harassment. You know, the 'low key' life. 
     Celebrating the lāhui! Everyday is our day. This is Hawai‘i and we celebrate ourselves on a day co-opted by the oppressor to claim their holiday in our space, in our place. Flock that! We will never forget.
     Aloha from SoCal. This past weekend the Kū‘ē Petition kūpuna and I went holoholo to Alondra Park in Lawndale California. We were there for the 41st Annual Ho‘olaule‘a. This year's event was dedicated to ‘Anakē Sharon Ku‘uipo Paulo. There was a new community booth with many artifacts and cultural displays in her honor. They even had some fresh lehua and liko lehua.
     A chant was written for her and the oli was so beautiful, I had tears. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the chanter but her voice was so luxurious.
     ‘Anakē Jane Pang brought some lau kī stalks for me to use as kāhili on our tent corners. I placed Hae Hawai‘i in distress and raised her high above our tent.
     Kū kia‘i mauna protectors were at the entrance with flags, banners and signs and there were numerous shakas and horn blowing. I yelled out my car window as I passed them numerous times trying to find parking.
The skies were blue, sun was shining and a gentle breeze was blowing. The lāhui came one by one, sometimes parents and keiki and other times multi-generations -- each one looking for their kūpuna and connection to the past. There were some who knew our true history and others who were just learning. Always enjoy educating our brothers and sisters. You could tell that these kānaka were hungry for this mea. Just because they are away or raised elsewhere they know their connection. Many wanted to purchase my sign that reads "Hawai‘i is my mainland" so that they could change their thinking.
     Our kūpuna were very cooperative and didn't hold back on revealing themselves. On a couple of occassions the kamakani came, blew the pages and alas a kupuna was found. Another chicken skin moment was when 3 different groups came up each with their kupuna in mind only to find that their kūpuna were related. One 3 generation kane ‘ohana found their kūpuna together. They were visiting from San Francisco. I cannot explain how gratifying it is for me to help our lāhui with this. Showing them how

To view the livestream broadcast of Lunalilo and his Legacy . . . CLICK HERE.

the ink run. And the rain kept coming. But no one left. Right around the time the words describing the Queen's moment of passing were spoken out loud there was a huge clap of thunder, and lightning flashed and the crowd roared! And the Queen came, to join us, to be with us. No one doubted it. I think we were all crying but no one could tell because the rain fell so hard. I think it was the best event we ever did. Afterward someone asked me if we would do it again and I said no. Somebody else, a hundred years from now would do it. BUT... we gave it some thought and decided yes, we could commemorate the Queen's death day. But this time it would be a celebration of her life and that is what happened today at the Kanaina Bldg. on the palace grounds. Music music, hula, music, drama, talking, sharing, eating, and wrapping up with hip hop! Not many dry eyes. Lots of singing. Kaukaohu Wahilani livestreamed. Pua Case and Hawane and several others left after the drama to join those at the Hawaii film festival honoring the mauna. The rest of us trekked to the Queen's statue to offer hookupu with Baron Ching, whose oli celebrated the Queen's train, Lanakila, a metaphor for the strength of the nation. We returned in time for light lunch, short debrief of the drama, and awesome poetry by artists Navid Najafi and Punahele Kūkailimoku Kanikapila. A full day. We left with full hearts. Mahalo to all those who joined us today. Special mahalo to Starr Kealaheleokalani, who blew us away with her awesome acting skills, not to mention her singing. Kudos to our actors: Kat Brady, Donna Camvel, Moanike'ala Sitch, Kaukaohu Wahilani, and our awesome translator/ student from Kaimuki High School. Da best! ~ Lynette Cruz
Two years ago, Nov. 11, 2017, Hui Aloha Aina o Ka Lei Maile Alii sponsored a commemoration of the Queen's death day a century after her passing. Tom Coffman wrote the script, a drama about her death day. Malcolm Naea Chun contributed tremendously to that effort. We had an all star cast. The drama was enacted on the palace steps, with chairs laid out in front of the steps for guests. Gov. Ariyoshi and his wife sat in the front row. The sky was overcast. We canceled the Royal Hawaiian band because it had started to drizzle. We began around 5:30, and then it started to rain. Everyone busted out their umbrellas. The cast spoke their lines. It was awesome and compelling. They couldn't read the scripts very well because the rain made
Awesome presentation by Dr. Keanu Sai last night at Leeward Community College Waianae Moku. Mahalo to those who joined us in person or on Facebook live. No Treaty of Annexation, no State of Hawaii, no ceded lands, no leases on the mauna. Got it! ~ Lynette Cruz

To view the livestream broadcast of Naboth's Vineyard: The Crown lands Transmutation From Private Property to Public Property. . . CLICK HERE.