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For the history of Lā Hoʻihoʻi ea, CLICK HERE

The Hawai'i's Daughter's Guild of California held our 46th annual Scholarship Luau. We had our Kūʻē Petition Copntinues displayed. We gathered signatures, educated people and made connections.     -Mealii

(above): On November 18th and 19th 2016 nā kūpuna o Kūʻē Petitions went to Shoreline, Washington along with Clare Apana and Noeleen Caldeira .It was 2 days of education for those who stopped at our booth. Clare gave a small stage presentation of the true history of the overthrow of our Queen and Nation and the important historical impact these kupuna, Kingdom subjects of kanaka maoli and other races made. Many supporters signed who had no ties to the kingdom. Nā kamaliʻi of the original signers came to find their kūpuna and had various reactions upon seeing the signatures. Two sisters could not take their eyes off the page where their kupuna had signed. They said they never knew about this part of our history and now have a renewed sense of pride in being Hawaiian. Others took deep breaths as they felt the mana of their kupuna. Some cried silent tears while others felt joy in knowing their kupuna were upright, steadfast and loyal to their aliʻi and kingdom. Young and old, one by one they experienced that feeling of belonging to something that was bigger than them and that they could see and touch a part of history and those kūpuna whom they only knew by name. ~ Noeleen Caldeira