About Us

   The Kūʻē Petition Continues - A Live Interaction Experience grew out of a desire on the part of the Maui Hui to reconnect Hawaiians to kūpuna (ancestors) who signed The Petition Against Annexation in 1897 now referred to as The Kūʻē Petition.

It is nearly impossible for descendants to search the hundreds of petition pages to locate kūpuna who signed until our large team transcribed the 21,000+ signatures to text and entered the names into a database. The Kūʻē Petition Continues' database is alphabetized and available for review in hard copy only.

Truth of History

We commit to stand in truth and to share the truth of Hawaiian history with all those who care to learn.  Ours is a work driven by what is pono, in action and in deed.

ALAKAʻI / Organizers

Kāpehe / Assistants

Clare Apana

Passionate activist for land, water and human rights; and an advocate for kanaka maoli rights to mālama ʻāina which began in 2005 when a planned Safeway Shopping Center, on a known burial ground one block from her home, awoke her to the continued desecration of Kanaka burials and lands. By profession, a physical therapist.

“Kūʻē Petition Continues is a tremendous kuleana that blesses me and my ʻohana.”

Anela Benson

Profession degrees/education" Master of Physical Therapy U of Washington;

Advocate for iwikupuna buarials since 2005; and
Co-founder of Kue Petition continues since 2014.

e-mail  kouwahine@gmail.com

(808) 214-4411

Lynette Hiilani Cruz -

President, Ka Lei Maile Aliʻi Hawaiian Civic Club; and

Kupuna in Residence / Professor of Anthropology, Hawaii Pacific University.

Erme 'Lokelani' Kauahi-Giurato -

First cousin to Clare Apana; transcriber of The Protest Against Annexation signatures; 40+ years as spiritual guide to Hawaiians in the Mid-West and across the nation; Founder, Founder, Hālau Nā Pua o Hawaiʻi Kona  ʻĀina E – A professional, authentic Hawaiian & Polynesian Revue; Organizer of Mid-West Hawaiian events; and past promotional entertainer for Aloha Airlines, Chicago Division.

JOYCLYNN COSTA - KLMAHCC Member (Ka Lei Maile Aliʻi Hawaiian Civic Club);

Aha Moku Hamakualoa Representative (BLNR, State of Hawaiʻi);

United Church of Christ Foundation Trustee (newly elected);

Manager for Goodyear Co.; and

Mother of 3 daughters and 5 mo'o s.
e-mail  jkalai.kauihou@gmail.com   808-264-4290

Zena Abellira

Ipo Kumai

Norman 'Kainoa' Kauahi -

First cousin to Clare Apana; transcriber of The Protest Against Annexation Petition signatures; Kamehameha Schools Alum '77; and Hula Hālau Nā Kamalei O Lililehua.

Carol Lee Kamekona -

I stand by my kupuna who signed the Kuʻe Petition! She believed in the perpetuation of our culture!

Member, Ka Lei Maile Aliʻi Hawaiian Civic Club; Member, Ka Ohana o Kalaupapa; Member, ʻAha Moku o Wailuku; Member, Maui Orchid Society; Treasurer, Waiohuli Undivided Interest Lessees Homestead Association; and President, ʻAhahui Kaʻahumanu Chapter IV, Wailuku (2010-present).

Puanani Rogers

Founder - Hoʻokipa Network - Kauai; Ka Lei Maile Aliʻi HCC member; Ahupuaʻa Councils o Puna Moku -Founder & President; State Environmental Council -2000 - 2004; and

Advocate for protecting na iwi Tupuna.

Lynda Saffery -

Land Steward for Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estate at Kahuwai, Puna, Moku O Keawe; Ka Lei Maile Aliʻi Hawai'ian Civic Club member; Awardee of an Apprentice Grant for Ulana Lauhala, 1988 State Foundation on Culture and the Arts; and a Masters Grant for Ulana Lauhala, 1989 State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.

Halona Fukutomi -

My birthplace is Hilo.  I look back with warm memories to many Summer's spent with my family in Hana, Maui.  Along with my parents and my siblings, I moved to Southern California from my time of pre-school until I moved back to Hawaii in 2006.  I am blessed to have all these elements and people in my life.  Helping others find their kupuna has brought me closer to a connection myself.

Noeleen Caldeira Todd -

Retired, makua wahine of 4 and kupunawahine of 8. Love kupuna status. Sharing mele and hula are my favorite pastimes. Filling my creative needs with Hawaiian arts and crafts from lei making, to featherwork. Raised by my grandmother who kept our ohana's mo'okuauhau and shared the mo'olelo of my kupuna with me, I continue to research and delve into the past while preserving the current generation's information. This has given me a rare opportunity and the tools to assist others in finding their kupuna. I love seeing the reactions of so many who stop to search for their kupuna and then stand behind their kupuna and sign today.


We will respond to all requests for information about the Ku`e Petition Continues...  As funds allow, we commit to providing the necessary elements for a "tool kit"  that allows others to share this same knowledge and to continue the work of reconnecting with our history and our ancestors.


"It wasn't just the documents that impressed me about Kūʻē Petition Continues -- The caring attitude of the kakoʻo and their willingness to listen, as well as to share information, made me feel like we were all one big ʻohana. So I decided to join them in the work"

- Noeleen,

Kāpehe  (Assistant)

Kūʻē Petition Continues

"The Kūʻē Petition Continues is an awesome experience. Having been trained to assist participants locate kūpuna, a transformation of the descendants takes place right before your eyes. Their physical stance is more upright, shoulders will square back, heads held up higher and tears will swell in their eyes upon the realization of the heroic actions of their ancestors. It is the myth that Hawaiians of that era were, and I stress "were," complacent when indeed they were not. Imagine, if you would, a world without social media and advertising networks that could mobilize such numbers to convene and exercise their legal right to protest by adding their names to The Petition Against Annexation. They, our ancestors, our kūpuna, were informed of the impending losses the future would hold for them should the "treaty to annex" Hawaiʻi be successful. And through The Kūʻē Petition Continues experience, descendants are given the sources to research all the illegalities surrounding said acquisition of the Hawaiian Islands into the US."

- Norman Kauahi,

Kāpehe (Assistant)

Kūʻē Petition Continues